Over-The-Counter DIY Paternity Tests Are Going To Put Maury Povich Out Of Business


Now you can get over-the-counter DIY paternity tests at your local neighborhood Boots the Chemist. Our first thought? This is bad news for Maury.

While DIY paternity’s nothing new, this level of accessibility is — and at The £29.99 (with an extra £129 for lab results) — could really revolutionize paternity testing. Says the BBC, “There are concerns that their increasing accessibility could lead to more people using the tests without carefully considering the implication the results may have on their family.” But we’re guessing the fallout will be less than if one had it done on national TV and announced in stentorian terms by a chestnut-coiffed guy with a God complex. And in any event, the privacy this allows will probably encourage some people to have the tests done who might otherwise have been put off.

DIY Paternity Tests Coming Soon To Your Local Chemist [BBC]

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