Overly Picky Brooklyn Women Are Destined Die Alone (Maybe With Cats)


According to online dating site AYI (Are You Interested?)*, single women in Brooklyn are the pickiest in the country. After polling almost half a million of its users around the United States, AYI deduced that Brooklyn, Detroit, Minneapolis, Cincinnati and Los Angeles were the cities where women were the least likely to respond to a message from a prospective partner. Bitches, right?

Respondants to AYI’s poll also revealed that women living in Jersey City were the most likely to message back a dude who had contacted them to meet, followed by women in Miami, St. Louis, Las Vegas and Portland. In order to figure out why Brooklyn Bitches were so frigid and cold, the New York Post boldly went where many papers had gone before and interviewed women from said borough. And they had some stuff to say about why they’re so picky!:

“Brooklyn men don’t have enough confidence to just come up to you and ask you on a date,” complains Rosalie Ryan, 22, a Bushwick native, who recently closed her online-dating account because of the barrage of “stupid messages.”
“Online dating has ruined dating. It makes guys more lazy and less in the moment,” she adds.

Another woman said she went on a date with a dude who asked her to help pay for his piece of pizza because he didn’t have a full $2 for a slice. She bemoaned the annoying messages she’s gotten on OkCupid: “When they start [their messages] with ‘Baby’ or ‘Honey’ — never mind! Or ‘I like Latinas!’ Delete, delete, delete! Some guy said, ‘Hello, do you like sex?’ That’s the first thing he says to me!”

AYI’s study and the Post‘s subsequent article prompted CBS Detroit to do some polling of their own. The results indicate that most don’t sympathize with the many picky women out there.

AYI suggests that Brooklyn men use the very unique conversation starter “Where are you from originally?” to get past the firewall Brooklyn women put up. According to other data the site has collected, “Where are you from originally?” is the best way to get someone to message you back; it has double the response rate of something simple like “Hi” or “What’s Up?” Just a little tip for all you men out there struggling to get a message back. But before you start throwing out “Where are you from originally?” willy-nilly, lets just take a moment to commiserate: [Sighs heavily] Women, amirite?

* Dunno if I’m interested because I have never heard of this dating site before.

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