Pacific Overtures: HBO Brings It Again


The Pacific, HBO’s, well, Pacific-set answer to Band of Brothers, is a ten-part World War II miniseries. In other words, a Television Event. With a Mann’s Chinese Theater premiere to match:

Teresa Palmer‘s Degas-esque bizarreness is strangely compelling.

Claire van der Boom‘s gown is bridal-worthy.

Actor Tom Budge does hipster-sleaze formalwear.

I love that Deborah Ann Woll is channeling the 40s!

I love that Ron Livingston us just embracing young grumpy old man.

Digging the severity of Michelle Forbes‘ retro-inflected coat.

It’s a sad truth, Jennifer Taylor, that in this post-Juicy world, velveteen trousers are a fraught business.

Apparently snakeskin is big again. If it’s all like Carrie Preston‘s, cue many unfunny “skin-shedding” jokes. From me.

Thomas Jane: sensory overload.

[Images via Getty]

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