Paris Hilton Arrested For Cocaine Possession

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  • Paris Hilton was arrested late last night in Las Vegas for cocaine possession after police saw smoke “pouring out of the windows” of her car and suspected someone within was smoking marijuana. She was released early this morning. [NYDN]
  • According to CBS News, police searched the car Hilton was riding in after noticing the suspicious smoke “and found an undisclosed amount of cocaine in Hilton’s purse.” The driver of the car, a male, was also arrested and “charged with DUI and drug possession.” [CBS]
  • Legal analyst Lisa Bloom tells CBS that Hilton could be facing jail time: “She has a prior conviction in California. We remember the reckless endangerment charge. And she violated her probation twice in California. So, if she’s convicted, I expect her to do some time on this.” [CBS]
  • Lindsay Lohan is reportedly interested in starring in a remake of Bride of Frankenstein. [TMZ]
  • George Michael has admitted that he checked himself into rehab after crashing his car while driving under the influence in July. “I feel you should know that on the day after the incident I checked in to a clinic for a 14 day detox program here in London, which has been followed by ongoing outpatient drug counselling several times a week. Personal problems which I had tried to deal with myself had clearly got the better of me, and I am sorry that my pride has prevented me from seeking help before now.” [ContactMusic]
  • Meanwhile, Michael Lohan says he plans to open a rehab center of his own. [DailyExpress]
  • Usher says he has no regrets about his marriage to Tameka Foster: “I appreciate the relationship for what it was. Even though it didn’t work out, I’m glad we got together. I love her as the mother of my children; we just couldn’t be married.” [DigitalSpy]
  • Kanye West and Jay-Z are set to release a five-track album called Watch The Throne together. [ContactMusic]
  • Former Playboy model Karissa Shannon says that her sex tape with Heidi Montag does exist, but that Spencer Pratt stole it from her home: “He came over to pick up some stuff and he ‘accidentally’ took my camera. Spencer had no right to steal my camera. There are other things on there that I don’t want to come out, including the video of me and Heidi.” [NYDN]
  • In documents filed in court, Leonardo DiCaprio claims that his stalker “maintains a delusional belief that she is my wife and carrying my child, Jesus…and has threatened that we will live together His Kingdom.” [DailyMail]
  • “It’s not really a happy record; if anything, it’s sad…the words are definitely coming from me, and reflect my personal views on certain situations. I write about what I know, what I live, what I observe. Darkness is a subjective word; it depends what your viewpoint is and how you live life.”-Taylor Momsen on her record, Light Me Up. [ContactMusic]
  • Quite possibly the best news ever: Jennifer Saunders is rumored to be writing the upcoming Spice Girls musical. [DigitalSpy]
  • Taylor Swift recently played for a crowd in Kennebunkport, Maine that included former President George H.W. Bush. [DailyMail]
  • Drake and Nicki Minaj both took to their Twitter pages yesterday to announce that they’d gotten married, but their reps are denying that the two actually tied the knot. [E!]
  • Robert Pattinson is reportedly in talks to play Angelina Jolie‘s son in an upcoming film directed by Clint Eastwood. [ShowbizSpy]
  • Jessica Alba would like to star in some films that her daughter could enjoy: “I think there is a nice balance between ‘family friendly’ and more adult films but it would be fun to do more films that my daughter can see. I like finding a character who finds herself, finds strengths and actually uses her damn stilettos (for a purpose) instead of just killing her feet.” [ShowbizSpy]
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