Park Avenue Picnic At Carolina Herrera


Carolina Herrera‘s not the old guard’s go-to for nada: she’s got the uniform of haute privilege down. And this a.m., it was all about posh granny chic.

This look says: bring on the pesto torta. Mrs. Reagan may stop by later and it has to be perfect.

How much are you digging on this vaguely-boho upholstery print circa ’68?

Ruching was big. In every sense.

Straight out of your grandma’s closet…if your grandma were straight out of Bonfire of the Vanities.

I swear, I saw an elderly woman dressed very much like this at the Met costume institute not two weeks ago. And she was awesome.

Holly Golightly on top, Sabrina on the bottom.

When she walks into the church bazaar planning committee, you know what she says goes.

I’m here for my maltese. Is he dyed the proper shade of brick? Splendid.

To be seen in one month’s time at the Young Friends of the Frick gala. 5:1.

“The Picasso on the left. Deliver it.”

[Images via Getty]

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