The NBA Hard Launches Pete Davidson and EmRata

The courtside couple, while still not official-official, has the Knicks, the Nuggets, and the Hawks chattering.

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The NBA Hard Launches Pete Davidson and EmRata
Photo:Jamie Squire (Getty Images)

To fall in love while promoting your new podcast—what’s more convenient romantic than that?! EmRata, famously someone with a face good enough to not be relegated to radio, and Pete Davidson, who can’t necessarily say the same, were spotted Sunday night on New York City’s walk of fame, aka courtside at the Knicks. The game, against the Memphis Grizzlies, is the first time the rumored couple has made a public appearance together after reportedly dating for a few months.

It’s unclear who is benefitting from the publicity more: Peterata (still workshopping this?) or the NBA. The Knicks gave the duo a full-grid photo on their Instagram account, which a quick scroll through their feed tells me is an honor not given to many other courtside couples! The Atlanta Hawks commented on the photo, “We need more info…” and the Denver Nuggets wrote, “Can you ask them if it’s official?” The Knicks responded to the Nuggets, “would but they’re busy :/.”

No offense to the social media managers of these basketball teams, but pay attention to the game!! Let the professional gossip bloggers like myself handle this. I can’t fall into a Freaky Friday situation where I have to start reporting on NBA stats; Vegas would collapse in on itself.

It’s important we take a moment to evaluate Davidson’s look for the outing. The matching tracksuit and pinky ring are not dissimilar to something my Floridian Great Aunt Janie would wear mall-walking before the stores opened. Not to cast any doubt on the nature of this relationship (I wouldn’t dare!) but if Pete and EmRata are going to get this many paparazzi pics taken, his PR team has to figure out what to do with his hair.

It does seem like the two beautifulrichfamous people are having a nice time with one another, despite neither party confirming that they’re actually an “item.” Last week, they attended a Friendsgiving of Bumble’s Chief Brand Officer Selby Drummond, who attracted some attention by posting and quickly deleting a photo of the gathering. Is this whole thing a sponsored relationship for Bumble?! I don’t necessarily think so, but that particular incident boasts some impressive synergy (a brand officer’s favorite thing!).

I can’t wait to dutifully follow the trajectory of this partnership until Davidson is inevitably announced as a guest on EmRata’s podcast.

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