Philadelphia Mayor Drops the Mic On 'Rapper's Delight' With The Roots


This weekend was a big one for America. Not only did we celebrate Independence Day by getting hella drunk and enjoying our freedom to throw up on the shoes of strangers, but a very important politician dropped the mic on a rap classic. You’ve got to see Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter just kill “Rapper’s Delight.”

The Mayor, who is cooler than any other mayor out there, celebrated the Fourth of July by spitting the classic while backed by The Roots. His version is full of enthusiasm and true passion, and it is good enough to beat Brian Williams, Sandra Bullock, or the granny from The Wedding Singer (RIP). Also, the mayor’s name is Michael Nutter, which is an excellent name and also very descriptive. Would vote for.

But that’s not all in “aging politicians turning it out” news: Late last week, Barack Obama, leader of the free world and known stoner, wrote a touching tribute to one of his favorite bands, The Grateful Dead. The musicians ended their final tour Sunday evening and Rolling Stone reports that the cover of the program for Friday night’s show featured the president’s message of congratulations to the group. The Dead performed at Obama’s Super Tuesday event in 2008 and were also invited to perform at his inauguration.

The tribute Obama wrote:

“Here’s to fifty years of the Grateful Dead, an iconic American band that embodies the creativity, passion and ability to bring people together that makes American music so great,” Obama wrote. “Enjoy this weekend’s celebration of your fans and legacy. And as Jerry [Garcia] would say, ‘Let there be songs to fill the air,’” a nod to American Beauty’s “Ripple.”

Let your freak flags fly, aging politicians! It only makes us like you better.

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