Pitbull: 'Every Single Year of My Life Has Been About the Booty'


Our Lord and Savior Jesus Pitbull just did a spectacular Q&A with Rolling Stone that begins, exactly as you dreamed, like this:

“I’m in the middle of the ocean,” Pitbull says when he picks up the phone. The Cuban-American MC explains that he’s partying on a boat off the coast of his hometown, Miami: “I don’t even know what kind of boat it is,” he adds. “I just know it floats and you have fun on it.”

Classic Pitbull. First up, his New Year’s resolutions:

Yeah, I put out a goal every year: ’09 was freedom, ’10 was invasion, ’11 build empire, ’12 build wealth, ’13 put the puzzle together, ’14 buckle up and ’15 is make history.

God: like he’s reading my diary!

Simon Vozick-Levinson goes on to ask Pitbull if he wants to party in space, and Spacebull says nah in words that sound like the lyrics of his next smash:

Shit, what do they have on Mars? Nothing. It’s gonna be hard to take me away from Miami – this is already another planet for me. We got water, we got oxygen, we’re good.

He also calls women the most powerful species on the planet (Miami) and says that 2014 wasn’t the year of the booty because “every single year of my life has been about the booty” (also: for those following the rumors he’s trying to get with J.Lo, he says, “I’ve been seeing Jennifer do that for many years now,” that being “look awesome in respect to the booty”; we agree).

Finally, when asked to imagine his political reign over the United States of America as “President Pit,” he answers:

It would be more like the JFK days. We would be in there partying, having a great time with the most beautiful actresses. The economy would be up, and there would be no war and we wouldn’t have to worry about climate change. So you never know.

Pitbull 2016. Vote or die. See you in Miami, and you can read the rest of the Q&A here.

Image via AP.

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