Pizza Hut New Zealand is Serving Weird Pseudo-"Mexican" Pizzas

In Depth

“Burrito sauce.” What is it? Why is it? From whence did it come? Whatever it is, Pizza Hut New Zealand is apparently putting it on stuff in the hope that’ll magically transform its pizzas into a South of the border culinary adventure.

The aforementioned mysteriously named condiment is a major part of the chain’s apparent efforts in that regard, though it’s not the only half-assed part of their new “Mexican Flavor Fiesta” (seriously) menu. The promotion consists of three items: the Burrito Pizza (regular pizza with mild chili beans, burrito sauce, onion, red bell peppers, jalapeños, and chili flakes), the Quesadilla Pizza (literally a pizza topped with another pizza with burrito sauce, onions, mozzarella, beef, jalapeños, and chili flakes stuffed between them),* and the Ultimate Mexican Pizza (the exact same thing as the Burrito Pizza, but with tomatoes and 5-6 extremely depressed tortilla chips thrown on top). If someone can please explain to me how taking a regular pizza and dumping an assortment of vaguely “Mexican” items on top makes it a “Burrito” pizza, they will win a prize.**

This might be part Pizza Hut’s larger plan to maybe make their pizza not suck so hard, a la what Dominos did a few years back. If it is, though, it’s looking like their efforts are wildly misguided — even more than the already-announced parts of their plan, which can basically be summed up as “we can dump sriracha on there, you kids love sriracha, right? PLEASE COME BACK.”

* I’m not going to lie, this one sounds pretty boss.

** They will not need the prize, however, because being able to do this will mean they are capable of bending reality to their very whims.

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