Police Uncover New Evidence In Long Island Serial Killer Case


Yesterday police found several items related to their investigation into the deaths of 10 people whose remains turned up on Long Island beaches. Previously, police said the murders were committed by multiple killers, but recently they announced they’re now hunting for one serial killer. Police say they decided to re-search an area near Oak Beach where 24-year-old Shannan Gilbert was last seen because weather conditions have improved in the area. Though the disappearance of Gilbert, a New Jersey sex worker, sparked the investigation, police haven’t found any sign of her.

At a press conference, officials wouldn’t say exactly what they turned up in the new search, but sources say they found Gilbert’s purse and other clothing. There was also a report that more remains were found, but police denied that. Supposedly, authorities now believe that Gilbert wandered into a tidal area and drowned, but that’s just the latest of many wild and unsubstantiated rumors about the case.

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