Poll: Which of These Famous Couples Is More In Love?


Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are practically slobbering on each other in public and it’s a beautiful thing. You look at them and can’t help thinking: Those two lovebirds are in love.

Same with Ciara and Russell Wilson. Not a moment goes by where these couples aren’t showering each other with PDA. Makes you believe in love. Makes you love love. Makes you wanna make love, right where you’re standing at the moment.

Think of it as a competition. Each celebrity in the relationship takes turns loving the other person more than the other person loves the other person. The least loving person must either die or suffer knowing that his/her love isn’t as infinite as once thought. It’s pretty inspiring.

Which partner is more in love with the other? Who loves love more? Let’s investigate.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

For us, the ignorant public, The TayCal era started around springtime, which is when 80% of the world falls in love. In March, the couple was seen holding hands at a Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville, the most vanilla date of all time.

It sparked this excellent Us Weekly lead: “Blank space filled!?”

Yes, it has been filled. With love.

Sparks were evident then. As with all of Taylor’s public relationships, the affection increasingly reached gag (in a beautiful way) levels. As evidenced by their gorgeous brother-sister resemblance, they’re the definition of a perfect couple.

Calvin Harris has met his match, and there aren’t enough adjectives in the world to describe her. He’s gonna try, though. Here’s what the famous DJ said about his relationship with Taylor in an interview with Kiss FM UK:

“It’s going absolutely fantastic. It’s interesting, because obviously there’s different things written about it every day and even if we don’t do anything publicly for a while, someone will make something up.”
“For me, it could be a lot worse, and I’d still be like insanely happy with her. So, I’m good with it.”
“It’s boxes I didn’t even know existed, she ticks. It’s really ridiculous… She’s generally an incredible cook and human being.”

“She’s not the worst person on the planet” is hands down the greatest compliment you can receive from a person you like. Calvin Harris’ next step, probably, is to get surgery to carve his pupils into heart shapes to fully express his love.

Taylor is under the spell, too. PLEASE tell me you didn’t forget when she posted a photo of herself and Calvin in a pool sitting on a pretty swan together, with the caption “Swan goals.”

They were floating. Metaphorically.

Last week, Swift continued the stream of affection by confirming suspicions that secret witch Lady Gaga cast a spell for Taylor and Calvin to find each other. Twas fate:

It’s quite magical. It’s during these moments that you wonder if you’ll ever find a love as great and as gross as theirs.

Ciara and Russell Wilson

Equally envious is the love between Ciara and her new boyfriend Russell Wilson, who’s nothing like her old boyfriend, Future.

This heavenly ordained couple debuted in June at the BET Awards wearing matching sparkling outfits (because sparks, hello). They later took these amazing pictures at the White House State dinner where Ciara was literally glowing.

Ultimate show of love: They did the Nae Nae together at the Kids Choice Awards. Russell Wilson has said of Ciara:

“She’s one of a kind. We’ve been talking every day ever since. It’s been going good.”
“For me, I knew that God had brought me in her life to bless her and for her to bless me. We’re not going to be perfect, by any means. But He’s anointed both of us and He’s calling for us to do something special.”
“Can we love each other without [sex]? If you can really love someone without that then you can really love somebody. I ain’t gonna lie to y’all now. I need y’all to pray for us…If there’s a 10, she’s a 15.”

Most recently, he emoji-proposed to Ciara on Twitter after watching her video for “Dance Like We’re Making Love.”

Ciara, meanwhile, calls him an “awesome person” and seems to be smiling more lately… She also says:

“I think both of us look at each other and we’re like — whooo! But we take it one day at a time and keep it going with each other and I’m really enjoying every day that we’re sharing.”

Awww-some, right. It may seem like Russell is the bigger lover here—but to be fair Ciara’s been dealing with distracting shade from her ex Future. She’s still really, really, really in love.

You have the evidence. Now who’s the most loving lover in these relationships? Which person is more in love? It’s vital that you vote about this right now.

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Embed was removed for legal reasons

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