Posh Wants To Dress Michelle; Supermodel Calls Women's Day "Absurd"

  • Posh had a dream client, and her name is Michelle. “I would love to dress Mrs. Obama absolutely absolutely absolutely! I just think she’s incredible and she’s a very strong woman and she’s beautiful,” she said after the Oscars. [Fox]
  • Somali-born supermodel Waris Dirie, whose memoir, Desert Flower, was made into a movie, says it’s “absurd” to have International Women’s Day. “Every day, women move mountains. It is an insult to have an international women’s day.” [Reuters]
  • If you want to see a video of some really hot famous dudes wandering around a studio in their underwear, breaking the fourth wall to ask, “You wanna see my d**k?” (the word is bleeped, and the, ahem, item is never revealed), then, well, Calvin Klein has just the ticket. [WWD]
  • Chris March says that Meryl Streep‘s white Oscars gown was designed around two Fred Leighton diamond Art Deco-style bracelets Streep intended to wear. [People]
  • “She told me when she was filming Doubt she would watch my season of Project Runway. She actually came to my finale show,” explained March, whose favorite Streep movie is “Postcards From The Edge. I’ve probably seen it 200 times.” [FWD]
  • Diane von Furstenberg says of this year’s Academy Awards, “I’m glad a woman won [for Best Director]. It wasn’t my favorite Oscars.” We naturally thought she meant the interminably long production bored her, or the lame jokes fell flat, or that weird wall of lamps thing just wasn’t to her taste, but no, it’s how the pretty ladies dress: “I think they overdo it. All these gorgeous women who are so talented, they should come in much lighter. Much, much lighter. But it’s not their fault, it’s the designers. The actresses should just go and be more who they are.” Asked about her very diverse show casts — von Furstenberg had 37% of her fall show looks presented on models who weren’t white, well above the season’s sad average of 16% — the designer said, “It’s a habit. If you tell people it’s cool, they’ll do it. Changing human behavior takes a little while.” [The Cut]
  • The abrupt discontinuation of Lindsay Lohan‘s contract with Emanuel Ungaro has led some reporters to wonder if celebrities might have less of a presence in high fashion. As with all hypotheticals posed in highly tendentious trend pieces: we doubt it. [Reuters]
  • Measured but good-natured criticism for Ungaro creative director Estrella Archs from the Times following yesterday’s show: “What Ms. Arch needs to do is dust herself, and the house, off and start afresh.” [NYTimes]
  • When asked at another show why she hadn’t been at Ungaro, Lohan gave this reply: “Because I don’t work for them anymore. There’s legal things going on; I can’t really discuss it.” [Vogue UK]
  • Thierry Mugler, with the backing of Clarins Group, has launched a sort of social-networking site for women. Its name: Womanity. [WWD]
  • For unknown reasons, someone threw a stuffed cat at Vivienne Westwood at the conclusion of her Paris show on Friday. It missed her head, and a model picked it up and snuggled with it; you can watch the whole thing on video. [Nylon]
  • In our imaginations, “the lesbian Freja Behar” is the dyke-y love-child of Joy Behar and a Danish male model. [ToL]
  • Speaking of Behar, on her show, Tim Gunn repeated his assertions that the Kardashian sisters’ manner of dressing is not particularly tasteful. Imagine! Their look “may have some sexiness to it, but I find it largely vulgar,” said Gunn. It “has a cheapness and a tawdriness to it.” Today, the sky is also blue. [P6]
  • Phoebe Philo has really turned Céline around. [WSJ]
  • Cathy Horyn liked Céline. “Philo’s slim, terse coats with high necks and off-center buttons caught my attention. The designer means business; the clothes are sharp, graphic and intelligent — we like all those qualities and they seem particularly desirable now.” But she felt equally that “something about Ms. Philo’s reductive process felt shallow. I don’t feel, at least with this collection, that I’m seeing a style that really springs from her imagination, her eye. Instead it feels like a cool, calculated, careful cherry-pick of minimalist ideas without real belief.” Horyn loved Givenchy, and was underwhelmed by the fashions on display at the Oscars. [On The Runway]
  • Karl Lagerfeld will become a commander of the Légion D’honneur. [WWD]
  • Aquascutum‘s designers Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler left their jobs the same week Brian Atwood presented his final collection for Bally. Now sources indicate that Herz and Fidler have been tapped to take Atwood’s old job. [FWD]
  • Master of licensing Pierre Cardin has an estimated net worth of $410 million. [WWD]
  • “That’s the power of blogs, the reality TV of the Internet.” Gotta love those bitter print writers! Also, the fact that Jane Aldridge found inspiration for her Urban Outfitters shoe collection in Dynasty kind of explains a lot. [HoustonChonicle]
  • People who would prefer to remain anonymous have added this narrative to the pile of theories as to why nobody from Vogue Paris is invited to the Balenciaga show and the house no longer advertises in the magazine or lends it samples: apparently, once the house sent Carine Roitfeld a sample, and she allowed it to be sent to Max Mara, a label for which she does some consulting. Max Mara allegedly copied the coat. Whether this is — if it even happened — of more significance to the feud than the fact that Balenciaga’s stylist, Marie-Amélie Sauvé, was fired from the magazine is unknown. [Fashionista]
  • Since the company that produces Giambattista Valli‘s clothing filed for bankruptcy in Italy last week, the designer has announced that he is bringing manufacturing in-house. [WSJ]
  • Jewelry designer Tom Binns is launching a handbag collection and a t-shirt collaboration. [WWD]
  • More on the Williamsburg American Apparel vandalism night of mayhem: the company is now saying that about 20 windowpanes were damaged, and that police arrested a man and a woman in connection with the crime. [Gothamist]
  • Twiggy is getting a clothing and accessories line on HSN. The Union Jack is heavily featured. [WWD]
  • Shaun White‘s clothing line for Target is expanding to include footwear, specifically, skateboarding shoes. [Outside]
  • The widow of a Balinese surfing legend who once held the license to distribute Billabong apparel in all of Indonesia is suing the company for allegedly canceling the license following her husband’s death. [News.com.au]
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