Pretty Persuasion At Lorick


People like to use words like “ladylike” and “charming” for Abigail Lorick’s feminine, retro-inspired clothes. But while still lovely as a all git-out, her Spring 2011 was wonderfully, interestingly different! (Some pictures by the amazing Caroline Sinders!)

The accompanying literature referenced A Movable Feast: : “I’ve seen you, beauty, and you belong to me now, whoever you are waiting for.”

Presentations by their nature can be a little odd: unlike at a regular show, you’re just wandering amongst the models, who stand around immobile, while you take pictures. Somehow here, it made sense: there was a pervasive serenity to the space and the clothes and, along with the retro vibe, there was more the air of more casual early fashion shows than anything unnatural.

The bywords were definitely a new minimalism and the sheer transparencies used in almost every ensemble.

The styling was nifty, too: observe the collar-to-ear situation!

And what they did with hose and shoes — while possibly less than practical for streetwear — was a strangely lovely revelation.

As Caroline observes, this was very reminiscent of Comme des Garcons’ plaids…but with an ethereal spin. I was also reminded of vintage textiles, repurposed.

Straight out of Elizabeth Bennett’s closet, these shapes are actually totally pretty and — maybe sans bonnet — really wearable.

I couldn’t stop visiting this hymn to 1930s lines — definitely a personal favorite.

“The Lorick lady should feel a strong and calming force from this collection,” said the literature. Mission accomplished — along with some serious dud-lust!

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