Pretty Please Can J.Lo Headline the Super Bowl?

Pretty Please Can J.Lo Headline the Super Bowl?

Here’s what I don’t care about: watching the Super Bowl. Here’s what I do care about: watching Jennifer Lopez sing a stunning medley of her best hits, for a widely televised event I can watch while eating mountains of buffalo wings.

Do you possess these same desires? Then you’re in luck, because J.Lo might headline the Super Bowl, thus forcing me to pay attention to football. US Weekly reports that Lopez is in talks to headline the half time show in 2020. In July she told Entertainment Tonight: “Yeah, [I’ve] thought about the Super Bowl and it’s in Miami…They make their own decisions over there.”

No, they don’t, Lopez. Everybody knows the half time performer is chosen in a highly complicated, extremely intense, blood-letting moon ritual performed by a handful of executives at the NFL. If you’re chosen, you have to do it. I hope you’re chosen!

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