Prince William Accidentally Calls Japanese Food Chinese, Probably Because He Only Eat Beans


During a public appearance at the opening of the Japan House in London, Prince William made a confusing mistake: he called Japanese food Chinese food.

While speaking with some schoolchildren learning to use chopsticks for the first time Prince William reportedly asked “Have you guys had much Chinese food?” CNN reports he was met with an awkward pause before he quickly corrected himself and said, “Sorry, Japanese food. Have you had much Japanese food?”

Unfortunately, this is what happens when you’ve only eaten beans and toast all your life, the only meal I assume he consumes as spokesman for British people. It’s honestly sad that William and Kate can only eat the food of their homeland, i.e. sausages, tiny meat pies, and Mars bars. That’s pretty much it. It’s not surprising then that William wouldn’t know the difference between Chinese and Japanese delicacies. What a shame.

“My wife and I love sushi,” Prince William also said during his visit. “We might have to come down here for lunch when there’s no one else down.”

Do you William? Do you really?

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