Prince William Bails on Memorial Service While Kate Middleton Is Still MIA

What's more damning is the U.K. tabloids' sudden respect for a princess' request for privacy?!

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Prince William Bails on Memorial Service While Kate Middleton Is Still MIA
Kate and Wills in Cambridge in June. Photo: Shutterstock

A mystery is afoot in the hall of Windsor! Something is missing and it isn’t just Prince William’s hair! Ba-dum-ching! On Tuesday morning, Wills dropped out at the last minute from his godfather King Constantine of Greece’s memorial service over a “personal matter” according to Kensington Palace. But Wills missing a memorial service isn’t even the most “missing” a current royal family member is at the moment. Kate Middleton hasn’t been seen since Christmas Day 2023 and folks are starting to wonder what’s up. 

On January 16th, the palace announced that Kate underwent planned abdominal surgery and that she would remain in the hospital for ten to fourteen days to recover. Thirteen days later, on January 29th, the palace issued another update that she had returned home to continue her recovery. Certainly a lot of people online were like, “hmm that is a very long time for someone to stay in the hospital to recover from planned surgery” but perhaps, personally, as an American being bled dry by the worst possible insurance plan known to man, I’m just jealous of Britain’s free healthcare. 

Now it’s been over a month since she’s returned home, making it over two months since she’s been seen in public. While it isn’t really our place to speculate what is going on with her health, what is worth gabbing over is how absolutely respectful the normally horrid British tabloid press is being over her absence, especially in comparison to how aggressive they were with her sister-in-law Meghan Markle just a few years ago. While Markle and Prince Harry spent their married royal years begging for some privacy from the press, here the press hasn’t questioned Kate’s public retreat at all! The Sun keeps pushing the palace’s line that she is “doing well” while also writing about how Kate is preparing her son for his future leadership duties. 

Of course, this is also all happening at the same time as King Charles’ cancer diagnosis, which the public was made aware of in early February, and which caused Harry to fly across the Atlantic and spend time with his daddio. Obviously, everyone is entitled to their privacy, and lucky for Kate, she’s rich enough off of the public’s dime to take time to adequately recover from whatever the hell she is going through. But one simply can’t laugh at how promptly the U.K. tabloids are falling in line behind the palace when they, to put it kindly, did not bother to even try and do that with a princess who was not white. 

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