Principal of School Planning On Giving Kids Credit For Anti-Abortion Protest Now On Paid Leave


After a swirling Canadian firestorm (blizzard) of controversy, the principal behind the controversial “Pray Against Abortion for Credit” push in Winnipeg’s Christ the King school has been placed on paid leave.

David Hood hadn’t been at Christ the King for long before he declared that students could fulfill some of their community service requirement by participating in a pro-life prayer vigil. After news of the protest spread, the body in charge of governing Catholic schools in Winnipeg swooped in, hastily claiming that the school was not allowed to give credit for what some say amounts to a political rally. Last Wednesday, the school’s board cancelled the event, but Hood said it may go on without support of the board or governing body. And now he’s on leave while everyone deals with this confusion.

But before you get all cocky about reason prevailing over zealotry: the school claims that the principal is not on disciplinary leave at all, but is on an extremely conveniently timed vacation. And dad is still out getting cigarettes, kids.

Winnipeg principal at eye of abortion uproar on paid leave [Montreal Gazette]

Image via David McTavish/Shutterstock

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