Prison Abolition…Even for Mossimo Giannulli

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Prison Abolition…Even for Mossimo Giannulli
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Principles? Terrible! And yet also important. For example, the prison industrial complex is a torturous, inhumane institution that creates the very thing it calls “crime” rather than solves it, as its defenders might claim it does. This is a principle I firmly believe in, even as it is tested on an individual incarcerated person I might personally dislike—like noted college admissions scandeleur Mossimo Giannulli!

Truly one of the least sympathetic men in America who isn’t like a war criminal or whatever, Giannulli is currently serving a five-month prison sentence at a federal penitentiary in Southern California where People reports that he’s been put in solitary confinement—allegedly not as a punishment, as is often the case, but in order to lower covid-19 transmission within the facility. (Jails and prisons are gigantic covid hot spots, fyi.)

According to Giannuli’s son, Gianni, he’s been locked up by himself for up to 23 hours a day for a full month, with prison staff letting him out of his cell for only one hour per day max. The United Nations would consider this to be torture, and the same goes for anyone else in Giannulli’s circumstances. Free them all, bitch!

On last night’s “Weekend Update,” Saturday Night Live stars Colin Jost and Michael Che wrote jokes for the other one to read on air without getting to preview said jokes first. I hate them both tbh so I skipped to the one that Che wrote for Jost about his wife, Scarlett Johannsson, being cast as Sammy Davis Jr. in an upcoming film, per Us Weekly—a reference to her history of playing slash nearly playing everyone from a Japanese woman to a transgender man onscreen.

Funny! Watch below.

  • On Thursday’s episode of British TV show Portrait Artist of the Year, stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard clarified that she’s gender-fluid and that her pronouns are she and her. [Daily Mail]
  • “I was literally a virgin when I wrote the heart in a blender song,” tweeted Eve 6 frontman Max Collins on Friday, referring to his band’s 1998 alt-rock hit, “Inside Out.” [Twitter]
  • Our long national nightmare is over: Jim Carrey has agreed to stop doing Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live. His replacement’s still TBD, but Beck Bennett is reportedly “the frontrunner.” [Hollywood Life]
  • “I’m thinking of everyone whose lost someone they love and everyone else whose first Holiday it is with grief and without the person they love,” actress Riley Keough wrote on Instagram in honor of her late brother, who died this past summer. “And I’m also thinking of all of the beautiful people who can’t be here with us in physical form and sending them my love wherever they may be, not too far away.”
  • Loooooooove love love love Gabby Sidibe and her fiancé, marketing slash branding guy Brandon Frankel.

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