Push-Up Briefs Fly Off The Shelves • China Sends Rep To Mr. Gay Pageant


• In preparation for Valentine’s Day, “hundreds” of British dudes have purchased pairs of penis-boosting underwear, which function kind of like a Wonderbra for the crotch. Whatever happened to just sending flowers? •

• Six people have been charged with the murder of Jennifer Daugherty, whose severely tortured body was found in a dumpster outside a Pennsylvania middle school. Daugherty had been beaten and stabbed repeatedly, and her body bore the marks of hours of torture. According to her father, Daugherty was “mentally challenged” and had mentioned the names of some of the accused as her “friends” in the past few months. • A Massachusetts family has settled a lawsuit over charges of sexual harassment leveled at their 10-year-old son. The family will receive $180,000 from the city of Brockton. The entire thing started in 2006, when their then-6-year-old was suspended for putting two fingers inside the waistband of a girl’s pants. • A 21-year-old soldier and single mother has been given an other-than-honorable discharge after she missed her flight to Afghanistan to take care of her son. Alexis Hutchinson says she was unable to report for duty because there was no one else available to look after her 10-month-old child after her mother backed out of their agreement. • An Iowa mother has been charged with pimping her daughter after she sent her to meet an undercover cop in September. Mary Doolin later admitted that she has been running a prostitution ring for years. • A UK vicar has come under fire for recent comments to his congregation about the role of the wife. “Wives, submit to your own husbands,” he said in the “medieval sermon.” A pamphlet released by the church espoused similar ideals: “It would seem that women should remain silent… if their questions could legitimately be answered by their husbands at home.” • Scientists have discovered a natural way to deter bugs: blasting Rush Limbaugh will make beetles stop their destructive behavior, but unfortunate side effects in humans include temporary insanity and bleeding ears. • According to a new study, the cost per live birth from IVF raises dramatically with maternal age. “This information is useful for clinicians and consumers to discuss the relative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of ART by age and treatment cycle number,” said the co-author of the study. • Pages from the diary of polygamist leader Warren Jeffs have appeared online after an Arizona lawyer released them accidentally. D’Arcy M. Downs-Vollbrachtn only meant to release excerpts of his writing, but she mistakenly included an additional 4,000 pages. • A Chinese man going by the name Xiaodai Muyi is flying to Oslo to compete in the Worldwide Mr. Gay pageant, despite the government’s best efforts to stop him. Initially, there were plans to send the winner of a Mr. Gay China pageant to Norway, but the competition was shut down. Organizers met in secret and decided to send one of their contestants to represent China anyway, and Muyi – who also goes by Andrew – was chosen to represent. • A Canadian judge has ruled to keep the children of a white supremacist couple in foster care, on the grounds that they are unfit parents. The kids showed up at school with swastikas on their arms and legs, and quoted white power slogans to social workers. “What is clear from all of the evidence is that these two children have been exposed to a whole constellation of parental inadequacies,” the judge wrote. • New research on intimate partner violence among college students found that women are more likely to hit their male partners than previously thought. They also found that violence on the part of one person makes it far more likely that the other will hit back. “If your girlfriend hits you, that dramatically increases the likelihood that you’re going to hit her, and vice versa,” explained professor of family studies Sandra Stith. •

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