Rachel Uchitel Was Addicted To Her "Knight In Shining Armor"


Rachel Uchitel, perhaps the best-known of the Tiger Woods coterie, and (she would say) perennially misunderstood, has also said she suffers from love addiction. (That’s in addition to the Xanax and uppers habit that put her in Celebrity Rehab.)

On "The Early Show" yesterday, Uchitel, a high-rolling nightclub hostess who first became known as a tragic face of 9/11 after losing her fiance to the Twin Towers bombing, set the record straight. Again. Sort of. Quotes the Post,

I sort of put a bag on somebody’s head and create them into this knight in shining armor that’s going to save me from this hole in my heart that really, I came to learn, was created after the loss of my fiancé in the World Trade Center…I always considered addictions something with a substance: cocaine, meth, heroin. And you know, I finally came to terms when I was spending time in rehab [with the fact] that I had a problem. “I realized what that label was. And that there was a solution to it. And I realized that that is called love addiction. And what that means for me is I mistake intensity for intimacy.

None of which really explains why you seek out said intimacy with a prominently married megastar, but okay. But hear this: if “love addiction” is poised to become some kind of distaff “sex addiction” — a get-out-of-jail-free cheating card — we are officially Skeptical. And unless said addiction forces one to go on TMZ Live and dish on her affair with David Boreanaz, this really fails to justify, well, anything.

Mourning Sickness [NY Post]

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