Rachel Zoe's Completely Unoriginal 'Designs' Are Kind Of Meh


Rachel Zoe is not just a stylist. She is a designer, and this is her second collection. It was allegedly inspired by “Brigitte Bardot in the south of France in the late ’60s early ’70s.” But these ensembles — from left to right — seem like Foley + Corinna, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic.

Bebe, Banana Republic, ABS.

The first ensemble is slightly Gap-esque, but the middle one and the one on the right are definitely ’70s vintage. Still, do I die? No, I do not. I do not die.

The collection features lots of blazers. And one mormon-friendly get-up.

Roberto Cavalli does misshapen printed jumpsuits all the time, and we’ve seen Anna Sui do the tiger sequin mini-dress.

It’s just hard to find something that feels like something you haven’t seen somewhere before.

Even the bags look kind of like Kellys and Birkins.

More of the same.

The trousers appear to be cut quite well.

More blazers.

The dress on the far right is pretty in a Blair Waldorf way.

And that’s it. Thoughts?

Images via Getty.

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