Read The Highlights From Retta's AMA On Reddit, Which Are All Awesome


Retta, everyone’s favorite social media diva and television recapper joined Reddit for a predictably awesome AMA on Friday. In a time when some celebrity AMAs have been a little disappointing, Retta delivered on everything you could possibly ever wonder about America’s Goddamn Sweetheart.

Retta shared what drew her to performing:

When I graduated from college, I was supposed to go to med school. But I also wanted to be an actor. I did plays in high school and college. And never thought anything of it, until I graduated and was living alone and watching television and thinking “I could do this. I could do this.” What I really wanted was a sitcom. So I was talking with a friend who was in medical school, and she said “why don’t you do standup? Don’t all those standup comics get their own show?” So being in North Carolina, not knowing any better, we assumed that if you did standup, you’d get your own TV show. So that’s why I started doing standup. I thought I was going to follow in the path of Roseanne, Tim Allen, Drew Carey, Seinfeld, all those standup comics. I thought I was going to do what they did. So I started doing open mics, and did that for a year, and moved to LA and started doing the college circuit. I’d been kicking around in LA long enough that Allison Jones, the original casting director for our show, called me in to audition. And the rest is history.

Med school! You mean we could have had ‘Dr. Retta?’ OMG. She also cited Chris Rock, Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling and (WAT) Lena Dunham among her comedic inspirations. Oh somebody please please please get Retta on Girls. Bring her on and let her live tweet all the shit that comes out of Shoshanna’s mouth.

Do you follow Retta on Twitter? (OMG YOU DON’T? What is wrong with you, Internet Heathen!) She told Redditors yup, your suspicions were correct, they based Donna’s hilarious live-tweeting antics on Parks and Recreation on her real-life account.

If you’re like me and Jerry, played by Jim O’Heir, is one of your favorite characters on the show, Retta has a surprise for you:

Jim is the most crass person, dirty-joke telling person I’ve ever met in my life. Jerry would blanchA at anything Jim O’Heir says.

She also refers to Chris Pratt as all ‘buff cock and diesel.’ Naturally. And (BEST PART HERE) she says she’s been ‘pushing’ for a Retta romance story line:

Again, if I can get Idris Elba on the show, I won’t be mad about it.


And of course, she ended in perfect Retta style:

You’re a bunch of nosy motherfuckers but I love ya. Come tweet at me anytime @unfoRETTAble.

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