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This “Bestie” is not a funny pun, but something to think about:

The Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Miley Cyrus In Racist Photo Scandal: “As a person of Asian descent, I can tell you that I’m shocked at some of the replies here. Whether or not this was a ‘joke’ or if they were all ‘high’ makes no difference. So what if that one Asian guy is ‘OK’ with it (and we don’t know this for sure). Miley Cyrus is a public figure to legions of teens out there and she’s a role model (unfortunately) for lots of kids, Asian ones included. I feel that people are making light of this situation b/c it’s about Asians, aka the Model Minority that’s always ‘quiet.’ We don’t have a very big voice in the media, if at all, which is why any slight to our ethnic group should be examined and brought to people’s attention. Having had kids make those slanty eyes and Ching Chong noises at me growing up really sucked but it sucks even more to see it getting a pass at this day and age.”

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