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Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Jenny McCarthy’s Shape Cover: “A Crap Load Of Airbrushing”: Thank you! I cannot stand “Shape” magazine. It is my friend who went on a diet five years ago, lost weight, and will. not. stop. talking about.

Me: Did you like “Lost” last night?

Shape: Well, it was okay. The beach reminded me of the time I was finally able to wear a bikini in public!

Me: So, I just got Tickets to see Snow Patrol! Want to join me?

Shape: Awesome! Of course! “Crack the Shutters” is one of my favorite running songs on my IPOD.

Me: I am thinking about refinancing my mortgage. The rates are kinda low now. What do you think?

Shape: Not a bad idea. There’s nothing wrong with cutting a little fat out of her budget, you know? I did the same thing. And used the money to buy a treadmill for my house. I’m on it right now!

Me: Happy Easter!

Shape: Thanks. Didn’t Jesus have the best abs when he was on the cross?! OMG. Every time I’m in church, I feel the need to do crunches. We say: LOL. That comment reminds us of the time we decided to start running, then remembered we’re opposed to moving. • Worst Coment Of The Day, in response to Agyness Deyn: “Hey, You’re Not Albert!”: Can we stop posting agyness deyn pictures please? She is irrelevant. You say: OHMYGOD!!! ok, don’t panic. Slowly type the name of the editor who has the gun to your head and your location. I will telephone the local police and hopefully we can get someone out there ASAP.

Oh! My God! I Miss You” />

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