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Best Comment Of The Day, in response to The World’s 10 Top-Paid Female CEOs Still Make Less Than Men: “To make pay packages more appealing to women, American companies make them smaller and pink.” • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Supreme Court: No Privacy For Opponents Of Gay Rights: “Perhaps the true crux of the matter lies in the idea that, for these people to be comfortable publicly campaigning for an issue, they have to hope for the very tolerance in the world that they’re railing against.” • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Ass-inine:

Step one: Gather several American Apparel ads
Step two: Remove American Apparel referencing text.
Step three: Replace original text with “Don’t Do Cocaine.”
Step four: Win award for Best Anti Drug Ad Campaign Ever.

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Don’t Look Back:

So, Sammy can wait
He knows it’s too late as he rides his bike by.
His gaze slides away,
but don’t look back at Agyness
I heard you say.

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Fat-Shamer MeMe Roth To Opponent: “Don’t Be An Ass”: “Attention Jezzies: When you substitute “health” for “fat” in your comments, it is generally the case that your ignorance and hatred are just wearing a cuter outfit.” • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Fat-Shamer MeMe Roth To Opponent: “Don’t Be An Ass”:

Meme Roth makes me want to cuss in public.
McDonald’s, as shitty as it is, is not the only culprit of poor eating habits in this country (note how I said “poor eating habits” because that is what is of concern here, not people’s waistlines). And the government does not need to parent people’s kids for them.
Maybe the actual problem with Mcd’s and other fast food chains are not the fact that they are marketing to children (who can’t buy the food anyway, they need parents for that) but that parents are looking to fast food to provide their families with meals (as opposed to the savory “treats” that they are, they are the salty alternative to a run of the mill candy bar, nutritionally), because they can’t afford non-processed fresh foods, or those options aren’t available where they live. Maybe we should stop vilifying food as a whole. Maybe, just maybe, we need to make healthy (less processed, more nutritional) food more accessible to the average American family. Food Deserts should not exist in this country, but, the wage gap we have shouldn’t exist either, so there’s that. Maybe we need to focus on explaining to people what nutrition means and what healthy is as opposed to fat-shaming, and scaring people skinny. Maybe that would work better than the Meme Roth Food Gestapo.

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