Reader Roundup: Lady Gaga's Tips For Serving Unicorn


Today’s best comments are magically delicious.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Get High On Sugar & Enter Mariah’s 3D “Experience”: “This is exactly what happens when Rainbow Brite gets high with the Care Bears while listening to California Gurls.”
Best Comment Of The Day in response to Jennifer Lopez Won’t Judge American Idol:

“I hate the paparazzi. I get so angry, I want to Sean Penn them all.”
Presenting the new Hooked on Celebrity Euphemisms DVD!
Phrases you’ll learn to use besides the above include:
“Dude, I can’t wait to Pat O’Brien with you this weekend!”
“I’m so tired of working all these years; I’m so ready to Larry King this damned job.”
“It’s just a little dent in the fender, but I need you to Bobby Flay for me.”

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Here Is A Painting Of Lady Gaga Devouring A Unicorn Carcass:

I wanna eat this.
And if I do, then I might choke on it.
It’s really tasty and magic,
Got my mouth drenched in blood; it’s tragic.
‘Cause I want to eat, want to eat
Unicorn, unicorn.
Pass me the mustard,
Just wanna use it for a minute.
Maybe Grey Poupon is enough
For my mouth to spit!
Let’s have some fun,
This meat is coarse.
I wanna take a bite of your magic horse.
Let’s eat a unicorn, eat a unicorn
Do you want some?
Here, just take some,
‘Cause it’s really good.
Really quite good.

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