Reader Roundup: Mad Men Infomercial Ads Subjected To Mad Men-Era Sexism


Today’s best and worst comments require a Jon Hamm chaser.

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Best Comment Of The Day in response to Angelina’s Lack Of Glamour Triggers Mag Meltdown:

I know that in my life as a super, secret spy-always on the run, jumping off of tall building while shooting a really large gun lifestyle I am always thinking, first and foremost, what to wear. I know that no one can be taken seriously, especially a woman, if she isn’t dressed in whatever Anna Wintour lays out on our beds for us.
Most importantly, I know it is my responsibility to the FLOTUS to carry some of the weight. When she gets overwhelmed, sometimes she falters…we all saw her oil spill shirt debaucle go down and as women hung our heads in shame.
Now, if you will excuse, I have to assasinate a world leader this evening, but first…mani-pedis!!!!

Worst Comment Of The Day, in response to The Best Mad Men Infomercial Ads: “these all lack the class of mad men, but why am i surprised?” And “let’s just say now i know why no one wants women in advertising.” We Say: Ick. Let’s cleanse the palate with this lovely Don Draper gif.

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