Real Housewives Allegedly Banned From Country Club After Hair-Pulling Incident


Last month, Tracie wrote about an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey in which Danielle Staub’s hair was pulled out during a fight at a country club. According to a tipster, the mayhem resulted in a club ban.

According to the letter sent in by our tipster (seen above), the Real Housewives are no longer welcome at the North Jersey Country Club, as “these women do not represent the people and families of our many neighboring towns or the population of the great state of New Jersey.” The letter appears to have been sent roughly a week after the hair-pulling episode was aired and months after the actual incident occurred, which makes it seem as if the club felt it was necessary, post-airing, to distance themselves from the Housewives drama. I suppose they’ll just have to keep it semi-real somewhere else.

Housewives Bad Girl Danielle Staub In Wayne Court Over Hair-Pulling Complaint [NorthJersey.Com]

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