Real Housewives: New Journey, Same Baggage


Jill Zarin knew that she’d have to rehab her image quite a bit to recover from coming off as a mean girl last year, so on last night’s premiere of the fourth season of Real Housewives of New York Jill made it known that she’s changed and she’s going to be nothing but kind—until she ran into “that fucking bitch Alex McCord.”

Alex attributes her new-found popularity last season to finally speaking her mind, and now that she’s grown a drooping pair of balls it seems like she’s going to shove them in everybody’s face, most notably Jill. The Countess, Sonja and Kellyland all took a backseat this week to make room for not only the Jill/Ramona/Alex Hamptons drama but also the new girl, Cindy. She’s like the edge-y feminist-y one with her vagina-centric business and IVF babies, saying she’s “living proof that a woman can have it all without the husband.” Actually, I think the sentiment is very nice and a welcomed relief from some of the more traditional gender roles we see in other cities of the franchise like Orange County and New Jersey. (Although I guess Cindy does have one thing in common with a New Jersey Housewife: a bald pussy.) But seriously, I know that the other girls meant it as a compliment or as a way to say that she’s “funky” when they called Cindy “downtown,” but considering her Completely Bare spas, all I could think of was her crotch. (I’m talking downtown.)

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