Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Special Delivery


On last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, we got to see Teresa’s labor and delivery process. She put on lip gloss, requested blood diamonds during her epidural, and apparently tried to shave her “chucky.”

If you think that hat is something else, you should see how Teresa dressed her daughter—Audriana—several months later. (Baby heels!) Seeing as how this was her fourth baby, Teresa seemed calm in the hours leading up to the birth, taking her time to pack (about four bags’ worth of makeup and jewelery) and get done up. Also, she seems to be confused about the whole “man giving birth” thing that she saw on the news. I think maybe her television was on mute.

Naturally, we got to hear about her the condition of her “chucky.” During her epidural—which looked hellish—she asked her husband to buy her some diamonds. He made a joke about going to the mountains of Africa to get them. Teresa was unaware that Africa had any diamonds.

Once she felt like she “gotta poop,” she knew it was time to push. Her husband was laughing the entire time she was screaming. Once it was confirmed that the baby was a girl—the couple’s fourth—he seemed uninterested in picking out a name.

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