Real Housewives of New Jersey's Jennifer Aydin Talks About Not Talking About Money


No other reality franchise has provided quite as much insight into the “day-to-day” lives of rich women as Real Housewives. But one of the unwritten rules among cast members is that while you can flaunt your wealth, talking actual dollars and cents is off the table—at least while filming.

Speaking of things that are off the table, Jennifer Aydin, of Real Housewives of New Jersey is known for throwing plates, silverware, and shattering glasses when things get a bit heated—but I digress.

So why is it that talking about money puts Housewives on edge?

“Honestly, I’m surprised at how controversial it has been to talk about money because we are on a show about women who live a little bit of an affluent life,” Aydin told Jezebel. “I’m not the first. I’m just the one getting crucified for it right now,” she added.

In the video above, Aydin explains why she is comfortable talking about wealth. While we’re on the topic of financials, someone tell Any Cohen to cut this “cast favorite” a bigger check because I’m still cackling over Aydin telling Margaret Josephs, “Fred Flinstone called, he wants his outfit back!”

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