Real Rockers Show Pretend Rockers How It's Done At The Runaways


And by “it,” we refer of course to badassery. (When it came to the actual red-carpet looks at L.A.’s ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome, Kristen, Dakota et al may have, sort of, technically, kind of looked a lot better.)

Kristen Stewart, looking increasingly comfy – albeit a lot more girlish than Jett would have gone for.


Dakota Fanning is many things – pretty, dainty, youthful are three in this lovely frock. (Rock ‘n roll? Not so sure.)

Here’s who she plays: I guess Cherie Currie could have worn that back in the day? Certainly not shying away from the glam now!

Stella Maeve, almost defiantly demure!

Yup, he was supporting. And so dressed like a teen boy kinda-trying to dress up but keep it real.

While not digging on the Missoni-esque drapery here, Jennifer Lawrence still looks sweet.

The O’Neals, at peace.

Riley Keough brings a little edge – or at least, black – and some musical bona fides.

Hannah Marks succumbs to cat-scratch fever: lace strain. It becomes her!

I kind of like Scout-Taylor Compton’s weird nod to rock in the form of a random faux-fur vest!

When I looked up “Robin Mathews,” I found this: “Robin Mathews is a Canadian poet, professor, and political activist against United States foreign policy.” But that one is a man. This Robin is Kristen Stewart’s makeup artist, which makes a lot more sense, really.

[Images via Getty.]

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