Remembering True Blood, HBO's Camp Vampire Fantasia


In 2008, at the height of HBO’s dominance as the national purveyor of prestige television, Alan Ball’s True Blood premiered. Ostensibly a show about vampires learning to adapt to modern society, Ball’s vampire fantasy was also a camp classic, injecting some humor and a whole lot of bare-breasted, smooth-skinned, HBO-style sex into a tale as old as time: hot vampire from the Civil War falls in love with a waitress who can read other people’s thoughts, and hijinks ensue.

Remembering 2008 is almost as difficult as remembering last week, but revisiting True Blood was a nice and nostalgic trip into the past, when television felt like an event rather than a matter of course. Join us for a journey to Bon Temps, where the good times have never stopped rolling and when the wind blows through the Spanish moss at night, you can hear Stephen Moyer whispering “Sooooookieeeehhhhh.”

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