Reminder: Jezebel’s Third Annual Fashion Swap Meet is Tomorrow!


Here’s the info, once again:

Jezebel’s Third Annual Fashion Swap Meet

When: Thursday, September 13, 6-8pm. The drinks are on us from 6-7pm.
Where: Randolph Beer, 343 Broome Street (between Bowery and Elizabeth)

How it works: Open your closet. Look in your closet. Reach into your closet and remove the crap that’s been gathering dust, and bring it to the bar on Thursday. Swap it for something new-to-you. Boom.

Just trade in one wearable item — clothes, shoes, accessories — and you’ve gained entry, free to rummage with reckless abandon and take whatever you can carry. The more stuff you bring, the more rummaging for everyone (and we mean everyone: all shapes and sizes, and you too, guys — all it takes is for two for a gentlemen’s trade). By the end of the night, everyone wins: Your wallet, your closet, the environment.

No RSVP necessary, but this is a first-come, first-serve sort of party. So we encourage you to arrive early; there’s no such thing as “fashionably late” when it comes to free stuff.

All proceeds and leftover items will be given to Housing Works, our Nolita neighbors who are committed to fighting the AIDS and homelessness crises. You can also shop their annual Best Of sale, or go here to donate to Housing Works.

Not in NYC? Gah. But maybe try finding a clothes swap in your area — or at least recycle something on that day, and be there with us in spirit.

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