Republicans Call for Abolishing/Defunding the FBI (Now That It’s Raided Mar-a-Lago)

Remember when they incessantly chanted "lock her up" and "blue lives matter?" They've moved on from all that.

Republicans Call for Abolishing/Defunding the FBI (Now That It’s Raided Mar-a-Lago)
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The FBI raided Mar-a-Lago on Monday, Donald Trump’s beloved Florida mansion, and broke into his safe looking for classified documents he allegedly stole from the White House.

As many legal experts have noted, the feds could never have gotten the green light to do a no-knock raid on a former president’s house without significant evidence that he had committed crimes. Further, current FBI director Christopher Wray, a member of the very conservative Federalist Society who helped protect then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh against a federal investigation, is a man that Trump himself appointed to the position—so there’s no question as to whether Wray was acting out of any kind of political bias, here.

Now, Republicans—formerly the party of “law and order”—are absolutely panicking and calling for the defunding/dismantling of the entire FBI.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene put it most succinctly:

Other right-wing idiots joined the clarion call:

The House Judiciary Committee Republicans, meanwhile, suggested that this attack on Trump is an attack on every American.

Now, we must note that this is all coming from the same party that relentlessly chanted “lock her up” when they thought Hillary Clinton had used her private email account improperly as Secretary of State, and then continued to chant “lock her up” about any Democrat they randomly disagreed with on policy. This is also the same party that accused Biden of wanting to “defund the police,” which they found to be a very extreme position.

In fact, Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-Fla.), whom I quoted above, called for the FBI to arrest Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum before he called on Monday night for Florida to “sever all ties” with government law enforcement agencies “immediately.”

It is looking very much as if Republicans love the concept of “law and order” when it means arresting and murdering Black people for petty crimes or crimes they didn’t comment—but they want to get rid of said law enforcement entirely when it may mean that Donald Trump is finally held accountable for his countless crimes, including inciting an insurrection because he lost an election.

Greene even tweeted a photo of the American flag upside down, which does seem to fly in the face of every Republican who’s said Brittney Griner should stay in Russia because she has protested police violence in America.

It seems that Republican patriotism and allegiance to law enforcement only goes so far—at the point where it holds Trump accountable, it must be stopped.

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