#RetoDelPasesito Is the New Viral Challenge Where You Do Cocaine Just Because


Last summer, videos of celebrities taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge were all over the internet. It was fun to watch people of varying levels of fame dump ice on their heads for charity, and the ALS Association reportedly raised $100 million in just 30 days because of it.

But a year has passed, and our taste for viral challenges has evolved. SDP Noticias and other news outlets are reporting that ice buckets are out and la cocaína is in.

The Spanish language site suggests Mexican women from wealthy families have been posting videos to Facebook using the hashtag #RetoDelPasesito in which they snort bumps of cocaine and challenge friends to do the same. There doesn’t appear to be a charitable aspect to their drug use, either. They simply do the coke, can’t feel their faces, and love it. That’s about it.

Because only three videos of the challenge have been making the rounds, it’s easy to believe this is either a big hoax or a big misunderstanding. But, honestly, I wouldn’t put it past the same generation that participated in Kylie Jenner’s Lip Challenge.

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