Rick Ross Casually Raps a Rape Joke


Well this is disappointing. Rick Ross appears on a on a new track by Rocko, and it seems as though he is rapping about violating a woman while she is unconscious:

Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.

Sure, sure. Rappers rhyme about robbing and stealing and shooting all the time. So what.

As Jamilah LeMieux writes for Ebony.com:

There have been many dark subversive fantasies played out in rap music-hell, most emcees who claim to be thugs ain’t seen no paaaaarts of the pistol-and women have quite often found themselves the target of these vile references.
What’s so scary about Ross’ line is that this is something that a good number of men and boys actually do. Maybe a rap lyric won’t inspire an impressionable young dude to go and try to flip a couple keys, but normalizing this sort of rape? I see it. I see it and it scares me.
This is not just another terrible rap lyric to be dismissed. This is an important teachable moment for young men, boys and even some full-grown adults who don’t understand consent. Who don’t understand that yes, even the girl who brought the molly and the Magnums to the party can be a victim if she was not able to decide when and how they were used. THIS IS RAPE CULTURE…

More at the link.

Rick Ross Thinks Rape Is a Punchline[Ebony]

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