'RIP Rudy' Trending Topic Isn't About Rudy Giuliani

'RIP Rudy' Trending Topic Isn't About Rudy Giuliani
Photo:Paul Hawthorne (Getty Images)

This afternoon I took a sip of my Topo Chico and opened Twitter to create some blogs for y’all. It was there that I saw the US trending topic “RIP Rudy.” As I clicked, I wondered, is this it? Has noted butt dialer Rudy Giuliani left us?

He hasn’t. The Rudy being eulogized is Rudy Boesch, the oldest “Survivor” contestant when he competed at 72 years old on the first season of the long-running survivalist show.

Boesch was 91 when he died as a result of complications from Alzheimer’s disease on Friday. He was a Navy veteran who became one of the first 50 original members of SEAL Team Two in 1962, according to TMZ. He also served in Vietnam.

Boesch formed an alliance with Richard Hatch, the openly gay man who went on to win the first season. Boesch finished third. “I grew to love that cantankerous man and his family,” Hatch told People. “We are better people for having known him, and he will be sorely missed. I wish his family peace in their grieving his loss.”

Peace to the Boesch family and I guess to the impeachment inquiry that continues on unimpeded.

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