River Island Gives New Meaning to 'Ball and Chain' With Offensive Toy


As if Rihanna’s double denim jeans weren’t horrid enough, River Island has dipped into domestic violence, misogyny and maybe S&M — if you’re into that — with a “funny” ball gag. Yay?

“The Domestic Anti Nag Gag” is small soccer ball that can be strapped to a woman’s head with an elastic band and brands itself as the “comical” savior for men who just want to come home to quiet. Obviously, the problem of “nagging women” could really be solved if people learned to pick up after themselves, since all of the female quips on the “Anti Nag Gag” packaging say things like “Have you put the bins out?” or “It’s your turn to do the dishes!”

According to the Guardian, comedienne and actress Jenny Bede saw the tchotchke and tweeted her disgust to the Everyday Sexism project, which has 142,000 followers.

Soon, Bede’s unhappiness with the “Anti Nag Gag” was retweeted over 200 times and more tweeted their disappointment with River Island’s poor taste in novelty toys.

Now the store’s taken the “Anti Nag Gag” off its shelves but with other crappy toys, like an “inflatable beach boob” — yes, that’s a real thing — they’ve got their work cut out.

Image via Telegraph.

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