Ronan Farrow to NBC News's Accused Sexual Harassers: 'Before You Send Your Letter, Call a Feminist'

Ronan Farrow to NBC News's Accused Sexual Harassers: 'Before You Send Your Letter, Call a Feminist'
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Catch and Kill, Ronan Farrow’s explosive book documenting his efforts to report out his Harvey Weinstein exposé and the forces working against him, does not make NBC News look good. Farrow alleges NBC brass tried to kill Farrow’s story; moreover, he depicts a network rife with sexual harassers and abusers, including Matt Lauer and NBC News chairman Andrew Lack.

Variety reports that Farrow did have some supporters at NBC News, chiefly, Tom Brokaw, who became angry with Lack and NBC President Noah Oppenheim. “Tom Brokaw was one of the few prominent people at that organization who really stood up and objected to the killing of the Harvey Weinstein story. He said it was wrong and called it a self-inflicted wound,” Farrow said at a book event on Tuesday night, according to Variety. But several women have accused Brokaw himself of sexual misconduct, which Farrow noted on Tuesday night as well:

Acknowledging that Brokaw championed his Weinstein reporting while he was at NBC, Farrow added, “It has to also be said that Tom Brokaw was the subject of several allegations of sexual misconduct…He contributed to a culture that made young women in my industry and culture feel afraid,” noting the “protection and impunity around star anchors.”

Brokaw notably wrote a letter pushing back on the accusations, claiming one accuser was coming at him because she had “failed in her pursuit of stardom.” Letters are in at NBC—Lauer, who was fired from NBC after colleague Brooke Nevils accused him of raping her, wrote a letter just last week claiming Nevils’ report was filled with “false details” and essentially tried to paint himself the victim.

Farrow had some words for these letter-writers (emphasis mine):

Also during the conversation, Farrow offered some advice to powerful men being accused of sexual harassment. “Before you send your letter, call a feminist,” he quipped.

Better yet, don’t write one at all.

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