Rugged, Adventurous Judge Reprimanded For Saying 'Girls Ask For It'


Nome Superior Court Judge Timothy Dooley may soon be looking for new employment now that the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct has issued a complaint against him, alleging that the justice—who’s referred to as “rugged and adventurous”— is also a raging misogynist.

The allegations against Dooley are so heinous that anyone reading them for the first time might think that Slate was just publishing a very bad piece of satire. Unfortunately, the fact that Dooley believes that some teenage girls are “temptresses” and that a female juror needed to be slapped around are all too true.

Here are just a few of the instances in which the straight-shooting judge who used to be a fireman, a miner, and a substitute Japanese teacher (among other very rough-and-tumble careers) said some things that were just a little off:

In a sentencing hearing where the victim was a 14-year-old girl, Dooley said: ‘’This was not someone who was, and I hate to use the phrase, ‘asking for it’. There are girls out there that seem to be temptresses. And this does not seem to be anything like that.”
When asking jurors whether they could hear a soft-spoken female witness, Dooley said: “I’m sorry folks, but I can’t slap her around to make her talk louder.”

It’s great that he’s so understanding and progressive! He won’t hit a woman and he doesn’t believe all girls are asking for it! What else do you want?

Dooley’s also accused of making “bizarre” comments about culture and religion, stating that he plans to “populate hell” with perjurers and referring to something as only being done in Afghanistan where “they routinely marry six-year-old girls.”

Slate reports that if Dooley isn’t fired due to the complaint, voters will get a chance to remove him from office next year.

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