Russian Gyno Rants Against Weak And Smelly Women In Labor


The Daily Mail isn’t exactly known for its progressive view of women. Then again, neither are Russian men. What happens when you bring the two together? Disaster. Pure and simple.

In an article published on Tuesday, a doctor writing under the pseudonym Sergei Matrosov describes his “candid” view of British women. The “fascinating, if sometimes uncomfortable” (as the Daily Fail itself puts it) article is basically one long complaint leveled against British women. Particularly wealthy British women. Especially wealthy British women who would like to have control over their birth. Oh, and did we mention he’s a gynecologist?

First of all, Dr. Matrosov makes it extensively clear which type of women he prefers:

In labor, Russian women are both more emotional and more patient. They can be screaming, and swearing, and demanding a Caesarean and a full anaesthetic, but if they are asked to bear it, they will.
It is quite typical for an English woman to insist on a spinal anaesthesia after the very first contraction, and then lie with an absent face, reading a fashion magazine, until the business is done.

Hear that, Brits? Your women are total pussies. With horrible-smelling feet;

In Russia, hospitals expect women to bring their own clean socks. Sadly the same is not true in Britain. Sometimes, the stench is so bad we have to stop work and open all the windows.
You can’t tell a woman: ‘Wash your feet, darling.’ It might cause a court case and the English would see it as a rude intrusion into their privacy.

Matrosov goes on to criticize “high society” girls who come in demanding cosmetic surgery “on their vagina.” Others come in with STDs, because “belonging to high society doesn’t guarantee a husband’s fidelity and monogamy, especially given an inflow of extremely beautiful and very friendly East European girls.”

Unfortunately for him, Matrosov is such a charmer that women can’t help falling in love with him. According to Matrosov, when women complain of being harassed or manipulated by their doctors, they’re really trying to say why doesn’t he love me?

n Britain, women patients fall in love with their doctors at every step – especially psychotherapists, gynecologists and plastic surgeons. Doctors pay for it by having their licence to practice withdrawn for ever.
The charges are often identical: the doctor ‘seduced’ a patient by abusing her trust. The verdict is harsh and means the end of his medical career.

By the end of his article, you almost wish he would come out and just say it already: British women are smelly, weak, awful sluts. Russian women are tougher, wear cleaner socks, and are far more “friendly” and appealing to men. The entire piece can be boiled down to these two sentences – neither of which have anything to do with the medical field. Even for the Daily Mail this is a new low. There is absolutely no merit to his rant, no logic, no insight contained within. The entire purpose of printing a piece like this is to incite anger. While Matrosov may believe the shit he’s spewing, the editors at the Daily Mail chose to run his anti-UK screed for (we assume) pure shock value. It is poorly written, poorly edited, and poorly conceived. And yet, it might just sell papers. Misogyny – especially coming from an expert in the field – is deplorably marketable. But ultimately, my biggest problem with the “article” is that it is written under a pseudonym. British women deserve the right to know who to boycott.

The Very Candid Views Of A Russian Gynecologist [Daily Mail]

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