Sam And Lindsay: Fighting Around The World

  • Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson had yet another “animated conversation,” as onlookers described it, when they landed in Heathrow today. They reportedly ignored each other as they passed through the airport. [Daily Mail]
  • Matt Dillon was arrested in December for speeding in Vermont and pled not guilty. Yesterday he was offered a plea deal, but will he take it? [Perez Hilton]
  • Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson continued their French holiday, driving up to Normandy from Paris. You can read all about their romantic frolicking here. [People]
  • George Clooney is now David Beckham‘s landlord. Beckham is subleasing Clooney’s Italian villa. The two were introduced last year and now George has taken Becks “under his wing.” [People]
  • But Clooney’s rep has issued a statement denying that the star is renting his Italian home to anyone. Does this mean reports of their bromance aren’t true either? [E!]
  • Jeremy Piven is appearing before the Actors’ Equity board today for a grievance hearing concerning his fishy departure from Speed the Plow. [NY Times]
  • Fox has renewed The Simpsons, which will take the show into its 22nd season. That means it will be the longest running prime time show in history. As Homer would say, woo-hoo! [NY Times]
  • Billy Crystal may host the Oscars next year. The organizers say they don’t want a “straight man” for next year’s show (meaning they weren’t happy with Hugh Jackman?). Apparently Crystal is the most fresh and relevant comedian they can come up with. [The Mirror]
  • Despite rumors that Evangeline Lilly has been auditioning for fall pilots, her publicist says she is not leaving Lost and will appear in the sixth season. [E!]
  • Drew Barrymore reportedly told Jennifer Aniston to dump John Mayer. According to a pal, “Drew told Jen she could do way better and she’d be a fool to settle for him.” This story was brought to you by The National Enquirer so make of that what you will. [National Enquirer]
  • In honor of Jonathan Rhys Meyers checking himself into rehab for drinking, this article rehashes his troubled childhood and a quote he made years ago. He said: “I didn’t start drinking until I was 25. Since then I’ve been drunk maybe a dozen and a half times. When I do I’m like Bambi. I’m all over the place, hopeless, like a 16-year-old kid. People notice.” [The Independent]
  • Jennifer Hudson will sing on Friday’s Oprah. This article says it’s the first time she’s sung in her hometown of Chicago since her family members were murdered. (She’s performed at the Super Bowl and the Grammys.) Maybe bringing it up every time she performs isn’t helping her cope. [People]
  • Despite being diagnosed with tendonitis in her knees, Jewel will be able to compete on Dancing With The Stars. She says: “Yes, it is true I have had a minor setback in my training for Dancing with the Stars, but I am dedicated to getting better and showing the judges and America that I can cha cha with the best of them … Don’t count me out, as I am in this for the long run.” [Us]
  • There are rumors that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton are leaving One Tree Hill, but the show has been renewed for a seventh season and a source says, “Obviously, most if not all [of the castmembers] are coming back.” [E!]
  • Actor Craig Bierko says of his ex, Janeane Garofalo, “When she went against O’Reilly, she was like, ‘I’m cutting the cord to show biz and I probably won’t work for a long time’. Scary shit happened. South Park did that puppet movie where they blew her head off and then she started getting real death threats. It was a scary time. And she hung in there. She didn’t spin things. She was brave. I tell her she’s a great American and she calls me a fruit, and it’s over. She punches me and three hours later, I wake up!” [The Village Voice]
  • A New York magazine intern made the mistake of asking Cyndi Lauper what she thinks of Madonna dating younger men post-divorce. Lauper set him straight: “What’s your issue? … You know how many old geezers do you see with young women. What’s the double standard? Who cares? You know, they’re both adults. Who cares? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” [NY Magazine]
  • Dev Patel, Frieda Pinto, and Slumdog‘s eight Oscars are on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Dev says: “I was a 17-year-old kid. I didn’t really know where I was going to end up,” he says. “And this film sort of fell in my lap. It feels like destiny in a way. Even now, the film winning the Oscar is very surreal. The character’s given me so much, not only as an actor but as a person. I remember when production began, I was a ball of nerves, didn’t really know how to work in front of a camera or how to express myself. I was a lot more introverted. And Danny Boyle came along – and this incredible city, which taught me about being an optimist. I feel I can hold my head up high now. I feel like I matured five years in the space of five months. I’m 18 and I was at the Oscars yesterday!” [Just Jared]
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