Sam Smith Is Terrible at Faking Sick, Good at Singing Beyoncé

Following a show in Nashville Sunday night, British singer Sam Smith regretfully told fans that he wouldn’t be able to hang around and mingle with them because he wasn’t “feeling 100%” and needed to get some sleep. A few hours later, he tweeted a photo from a karaoke bar. How can a 22-year-old man be so bad at faking sick?

Look, no one can begrudge Smith for wanting to go off and sing Beyoncé his friends rather than hang with the bunch of weirdos who hang around after his concert. We can, however, begrudge him for failing to be sneaky about it. There are only two rules to faking ill, but they’re BIG rules:

1. Keep it simple and don’t give too many details. (Well done, Sam.)

2. Don’t leave any public evidence of what you’re actually doing instead of being sick. (Ya blew it, kid.)

On the bright side, here are a couple videos of Smith singing Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child.

Second crime of the night: Sam Smith is a mic hog.

Image via Getty.

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