​Sandra Bullock Reunited with the Best of Her Leading Dudes Last Night


Last night Spike TV had their Guys Choice Awards (this one’s just for the dudes), where they honored Sandra Bullock with the Decade of Hotness award because apparently they hired people who sounds like they got kicked off their high school yearbook staff to name their prestigious awards. I get it. It’s Spike. It’s a ~*~dude thing~*~ or whatever to commemorate an accomplished actress for how hot she is, sigh. The important thing here (and I truly do think it’s important!) is that Sandra Bullock was reunited with the lead actors from three of her biggest movies. Matthew McConaughey, Keanu Reeves, and Hugh Grant were all there to pay their respects to the romcom (and sometimes crime) movie master…who, again sigh, also happens to be a hot lady. Here she is with them individually—my how y’all have come a long way.

Meh Spike, but this is cute.

Image via Getty.

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