Sandra Lee's Virginal White Fetish


In picture after picture, Sandra Lee is like a virgin. Suggests Stacey London, “there’s the idea of purity and the fact they aren’t married and she’s trying to not look like the girlfriend.”

It’s not your imagination: while the new First Girlfriend of New York undoubtedly has a closet full of white, she’s also recycling. As Stacey tells the Post, “You want people to know that you understand that there is economic hardship around you.”

And she didn’t just blunder into a Sir Elton palette: some anonymous insider “close to Lee” says she’s working hard to project “happy, shiny and pretty.”

On the Food Network‘s dime, she apparently “favors both expensive, glitzy labels and reasonably priced loungewear” for her shows. The same approach seems to apply to her public appearances.

Quoth the Tablescape Titan, “I love new fashion trends, but they’ve got to be flattering on me and my curves, not on the hanger.”

Thoroughly on-message, Lee “reveals to The Post” that she “loves New York designers and beautiful, elegant fabrics that are soft, flowy and chic.”

Phillip Bloch gets all snarky, terming Lee’s dress sense “incredibly consistently mediocre.” She’s crying all the way to the bank, we’re sure.

While she’s been rocking White Witch for a while (not that we’re suggesting any Turkish Delight-style cocktails here), Lee’s look is part of a storied New York tradition. Other white-lovers have included Tom Wolfe and Yoko Ono.

All White Already! [NY Post]

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