Sarah Haskins Helps Women Name Their Lady Parts

In the latest installment of Target: Women, Sarah Haskins takes on the recent spate of advertisements that have a difficult time explaining what body part the featured products are actually for: vaginas.

In the clip at left, Haskins takes a look at the Schick Quattro ads in which ladies trim their bush, Australian ads where a woman is shown frolicking with her beaver, and a tampon commercial that depicts Mother Nature delivering her monthly gift in person. Clearly, we must devise natural metaphors for our vaginas, for, as Haskins explains, “we are ladies and when our delicate lady parts are mentioned we cannot bear it.” Which is why, at her suggestion, we will now only refer to our genitalia as our “Sarlacc the sand pit from Return of the Jedi.”

Sarah Haskins in Target Women: Your Garden [Current]

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