Saturday Night Social: The Night Belongs To Sissi Schulmeister-Antona


Austrians are having a moment right now! In honor of Austrian fabulousness, we’re giving it up to Sissi Schulmeister-Antona, former bass player for the band Alice Donut.

Schulmeister-Aotona was born and raised in Austria and later moved to U.S.

She began playing bass and classical guitar when she was 12 years old and went on to study classical guitar and conducting in Vienna, Austria. Since 1991, Sissi has been a performing and recording artist and member of the band Alice Donut, as a bass player. Alice Donut has recorded 12 full-length albums and numerous singles, and has toured and performed in North America, Europe and Japan.

OK, it’s time to talk amongst yourselves and post lots and lots of funny gifs for me to look at later. Charlize Theron is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, for those so inclined to stay up late and watch such things. Have fun and don’t do anything I would do. (Seriously. Most of what I do is illegal in 98 percent of the United States. Thank God for Florida. Phew.)

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