Scientists Discover The Fountain Of Eternal (Rodent) Youth


At any rate, they’ve discovered how to “reverse the aging process…dramatically.” Human organs are in their sights.

Apparently, scientists at Harvard Medical School succeeded in transforming “weak and feeble old mice into healthy animals by regenerating their aged bodies.” How? In brief — the full study appeared in Nature — a process called telomere shortening, and isolating a hormone called telomerase. Says Ronald DePinho, who led the study,

What we saw in these animals was not a slowing down or stabilization of the aging process. We saw a dramatic reversal – and that was unexpected…This could lead to strategies that enhance the regenerative potential of organs as individuals age and so increase their quality of life. Whether it serves to increase longevity is a question we are not yet in a position to answer.

He adds, “These were severely aged animals, but after a month of treatment they showed a substantial restoration, including the growth of new neurons in their brains.”

However, making the switch to humans is another matter: scientists worry the same enzyme could encourage cancer in the human body. Cautions one scientist, “Although this is a fascinating study, it must be remembered that mice are not little men, particularly with regard to their telomeres, and it remains unclear whether a similar telomerase reactivation in adult humans would lead to the removal of senescent cells.”

In short, for now, while fascinating for everyone, at the moment it’s only literally life-changing for Minnie.

Harvard Scientists Reverse The Ageing Process In Mice – Now For Humans

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