Scientists Have Created Spermlike Robots Called MagnetoSperm


The weird little tail-whip motion that sperm use to get to their Holy Grail has been co-opted by scientists for use in miniature robots.

Via Wired comes news of a recent paper from Applied Physics Letters about a new kind of sperm: magnetic robotic sperm, designed to move very very small things around by utilizing the strange movement of sperm. The bot is steered according to magnetic forces.

“As technology progresses and many products get smaller, it becomes difficult to assemble objects on nano- and micro-scales,” said Islam Khalil, coauthor of the a paper said. “MagnetoSperm can be used to manipulate and assemble objects at these scales using an external source of magnetic field to control its motion.” Well good that we finally found a use for that stuff, am I right LADIES?!

Image via Carolina K. Smith MD/Shutterstock

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